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Postcodes starting with the letter H

HP12 4JY HP12 4LA HP12 4LD HP12 4LE HP12 4LG
HP12 4LH HP12 4LJ HP12 4LP HP12 4LQ HP12 4LR
HP12 4LS HP12 4LT HP12 4LU HP12 4LZ HP12 4NB
HP12 4ND HP12 4NE HP12 4NF HP12 4NG HP12 4NL
HP12 4NN HP12 4NP HP12 4NR HP12 4NS HP12 4NX
HP12 4NY HP12 4PB HP12 4PD HP12 4PE HP12 4PG
HP12 4PH HP12 4PJ HP12 4PL HP12 4PN HP12 4PP
HP12 4PS HP12 4PT HP12 4PW HP12 4PZ HP12 4QA
HP12 4QE HP12 4QJ HP12 4QL HP12 4QN HP12 4QP
HP12 4QR HP12 4QS HP12 4QT HP12 4QU HP12 4QW
HP12 4QX HP12 4RB HP12 4RD HP12 4RG HP12 4RJ
HP12 4RQ HP12 4RR HP12 4RS HP12 4RT HP12 4RX
HP12 4RY HP12 4SA HP12 4SB HP12 4SF HP12 4SG
HP12 4SL HP12 4SN HP12 4SP HP12 4SQ HP12 4SR
HP12 4SS HP12 4ST HP12 4SW HP12 4SX HP12 4SY
HP12 4TA HP12 4TB HP12 4TE HP12 4TJ HP12 4TL
HP12 4TS HP12 4TT HP12 4TU HP12 4TX HP12 4TY
HP12 4TZ HP12 4UA HP12 4UB HP12 4UD HP12 4UF
HP12 4UG HP12 4UH HP12 4UN HP12 4UQ HP12 4UZ
HP13 5AA HP13 5AD HP13 5AE HP13 5AF HP13 5AJ