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Postcodes starting with the letter I

IP29 4UA IP29 4UB IP29 4UE IP29 4UG IP29 4UH
IP29 4UJ IP29 4UL IP29 4UN IP29 4UT IP29 4UW
IP29 4UY IP29 4XB IP29 4XD IP29 5AA IP29 5AD
IP29 5AE IP29 5AF IP29 5AG IP29 5AJ IP29 5AL
IP29 5AN IP29 5AP IP29 5AS IP29 5AT IP29 5AY
IP29 5BS IP29 5BU IP29 5BX IP29 5BY IP29 5DA
IP29 5DD IP29 5DG IP29 5DJ IP29 5DL IP29 5DN
IP29 5DS IP29 5DX IP29 5DY IP29 5DZ IP29 5ED
IP29 5EL IP29 5EP IP29 5EQ IP29 5EW IP29 5HE
IP29 5HH IP29 5HR IP29 5HT IP29 5HX IP29 5HY
IP29 5JD IP29 5JR IP29 5JS IP29 5LA IP29 5LD
IP29 5LH IP29 5LQ IP29 5LU IP29 5LY IP29 5NA
IP29 5NB IP29 5NJ IP29 5NP IP29 5NR IP29 5NS
IP29 5NU IP29 5NY IP29 5PE IP29 5PQ IP29 5PR
IP29 5PS IP29 5PW IP29 5PY IP29 5QH IP29 5QL
IP29 5QN IP29 5QP IP29 5QR IP29 5QS IP29 5QU
IP29 5QX IP29 5QY IP29 5QZ IP29 5RE IP29 5RG
IP29 5RN IP29 5RP IP29 5RW IP29 5RX IP29 5RY
IP29 5RZ IP29 5SB IP29 5SD IP29 5SE IP29 5SF
IP29 5SG IP29 5SN IP29 5SP IP29 5SQ IP29 5SS