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Postcodes starting with the letter I

IP11 9LA IP11 9LB IP11 9LD IP11 9LE IP11 9LF
IP11 9LH IP11 9LJ IP11 9LL IP11 9LN IP11 9LP
IP11 9LQ IP11 9LR IP11 9LS IP11 9LT IP11 9LU
IP11 9LW IP11 9LY IP11 9ND IP11 9NE IP11 9NF
IP11 9NG IP11 9NH IP11 9NJ IP11 9NN IP11 9NQ
IP11 9NR IP11 9NS IP11 9NT IP11 9NU IP11 9NW
IP11 9NX IP11 9NY IP11 9NZ IP11 9PA IP11 9PB
IP11 9PD IP11 9PF IP11 9PL IP11 9PP IP11 9PQ
IP11 9PR IP11 9PS IP11 9PU IP11 9PW IP11 9QB
IP11 9QD IP11 9QE IP11 9QF IP11 9QG IP11 9QH
IP11 9QJ IP11 9QL IP11 9QU IP11 9QX IP11 9QY
IP11 9RF IP11 9RL IP11 9RT IP11 9RU IP11 9RZ
IP11 9SA IP11 9SB IP11 9SD IP11 9SF IP11 9SG
IP11 9SL IP11 9SN IP11 9SP IP11 9SS IP11 9SU
IP11 9SW IP11 9SX IP11 9TA IP11 9TB IP11 9TG
IP11 9TJ IP11 9TL IP11 9TR IP11 9TT IP11 9TW
IP11 9TX IP11 9UJ IP12 1AA IP12 1AE IP12 1AH
IP12 1AL IP12 1AN IP12 1AQ IP12 1AS IP12 1AT
IP12 1AX IP12 1AY IP12 1AZ IP12 1BB IP12 1BD
IP12 1BE IP12 1BF IP12 1BG IP12 1BS IP12 1BT