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Postcodes starting with the letter K

KT11 3BN KT11 3BP KT11 3BQ KT11 3BS KT11 3BW
KT11 3BX KT11 3BY KT11 3DE KT11 3DG KT11 3DH
KT11 3DQ KT11 3EA KT11 3EG KT11 3EQ KT11 3EZ
KT11 3HA KT11 3HB KT11 3HD KT11 3HG KT11 3HJ
KT11 3HL KT11 3HN KT11 3HP KT11 3HQ KT11 3HR
KT11 3HT KT11 3HU KT11 3HW KT11 3HX KT11 3HY
KT11 3HZ KT11 3JA KT11 3JB KT11 3JD KT11 3JE
KT11 3JZ KT11 3LB KT11 3LD KT11 3LP KT11 3LR
KT11 3LS KT11 3LZ KT11 3NH KT11 3NJ KT11 3NN
KT11 3NP KT11 3NR KT11 3NS KT11 3NU KT11 3NW
KT11 3NX KT11 3NY KT11 3PD KT11 3PU KT11 3QA
KT11 3QD KT11 3QJ KT11 3QL KT12 1AA KT12 1AB
KT12 1AG KT12 1AJ KT12 1AN KT12 1AR KT12 1AS
KT12 1AU KT12 1AW KT12 1AX KT12 1AZ KT12 1BA
KT12 1BB KT12 1BE KT12 1BG KT12 1BH KT12 1BJ
KT12 1BL KT12 1BN KT12 1DG KT12 1DP KT12 1DX
KT12 1DY KT12 1EE KT12 1EF KT12 1EG KT12 1EH
KT12 1EJ KT12 1EL KT12 1EN KT12 1EQ KT12 1ER
KT12 1ET KT12 1EU KT12 1EW KT12 1EX KT12 1EY
KT12 1FH KT12 1GA KT12 1GB KT12 1GD KT12 1GE