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Postcodes starting with the letter K

KT12 1GF KT12 1GG KT12 1GH KT12 1HA KT12 1HB
KT12 1HD KT12 1HE KT12 1HG KT12 1HH KT12 1HL
KT12 1HP KT12 1HQ KT12 1HR KT12 1HS KT12 1HT
KT12 1HU KT12 1JA KT12 1JB KT12 1JD KT12 1JE
KT12 1JF KT12 1JL KT12 1JN KT12 1JP KT12 1JR
KT12 1JU KT12 1JW KT12 1JX KT12 1JZ KT12 1LA
KT12 1LE KT12 1LF KT12 1LG KT12 1LH KT12 1LJ
KT12 1LP KT12 1LQ KT12 1LR KT12 1LT KT12 1LU
KT12 1LW KT12 1NA KT12 1ND KT12 1NE KT12 1NG
KT12 1NH KT12 1NJ KT12 1NL KT12 1NN KT12 1NW
KT12 1NX KT12 1NY KT12 1NZ KT12 1PA KT12 1PB
KT12 1PD KT12 1PE KT12 1PH KT12 1PT KT12 1PU
KT12 1PX KT12 1QZ KT12 1RB KT12 1RE KT12 1RF
KT12 1RG KT12 1RH KT12 1RW KT12 1SG KT12 2AA
KT12 2AB KT12 2AD KT12 2AE KT12 2AF KT12 2AG
KT12 2AH KT12 2AL KT12 2AN KT12 2AQ KT12 2AR
KT12 2AT KT12 2AW KT12 2AX KT12 2AZ KT12 2BA
KT12 2BB KT12 2BD KT12 2BE KT12 2BF KT12 2BG
KT12 2BJ KT12 2BL KT12 2BN KT12 2BP KT12 2BQ
KT12 2BS KT12 2BT KT12 2BU KT12 2BW KT12 2BY