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Postcodes starting with the letter K

KT12 2BZ KT12 2DB KT12 2DD KT12 2DE KT12 2DF
KT12 2DG KT12 2DH KT12 2DJ KT12 2DL KT12 2DP
KT12 2DQ KT12 2DR KT12 2DS KT12 2DT KT12 2DU
KT12 2DX KT12 2DZ KT12 2ED KT12 2EF KT12 2EH
KT12 2EL KT12 2EN KT12 2EP KT12 2EQ KT12 2ER
KT12 2ES KT12 2ET KT12 2EX KT12 2HD KT12 2HG
KT12 2HH KT12 2HJ KT12 2HL KT12 2HN KT12 2HP
KT12 2HQ KT12 2HS KT12 2HT KT12 2HU KT12 2HW
KT12 2HX KT12 2HY KT12 2JA KT12 2JF KT12 2JL
KT12 2JN KT12 2JQ KT12 2JR KT12 2JS KT12 2JT
KT12 2JU KT12 2JX KT12 2JY KT12 2JZ KT12 2LA
KT12 2LB KT12 2LD KT12 2LE KT12 2LF KT12 2LG
KT12 2LJ KT12 2LN KT12 2LP KT12 2LQ KT12 2LR
KT12 2LS KT12 2LU KT12 2LW KT12 2LX KT12 2LY
KT12 2LZ KT12 2NA KT12 2NB KT12 2ND KT12 2NF
KT12 2NG KT12 2NH KT12 2NJ KT12 2NN KT12 2NP
KT12 2NQ KT12 2NR KT12 2NS KT12 2NU KT12 2NW
KT12 2NX KT12 2NY KT12 2PA KT12 2PD KT12 2PE
KT12 2PF KT12 2PH KT12 2PJ KT12 2PQ KT12 2PR
KT12 2PS KT12 2PU KT12 2PX KT12 2PY KT12 2PZ