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Postcodes starting with the letter K

KT12 4AP KT12 4AQ KT12 4AS KT12 4BA KT12 4BE
KT12 4BG KT12 4BS KT12 4BT KT12 4BY KT12 4DB
KT12 4DD KT12 4DH KT12 4EW KT12 4HB KT12 4HD
KT12 4HE KT12 4HF KT12 4HR KT12 4HS KT12 4HU
KT12 4HX KT12 4HZ KT12 4JA KT12 4JB KT12 4JE
KT12 4JF KT12 4JG KT12 4JH KT12 4JJ KT12 4JL
KT12 4JN KT12 4JQ KT12 4LA KT12 4LB KT12 4LD
KT12 4LF KT12 4LG KT12 4LN KT12 4LP KT12 4LQ
KT12 4LR KT12 4LS KT12 4LT KT12 4LU KT12 4LX
KT12 4LY KT12 4NA KT12 4NB KT12 4ND KT12 4NE
KT12 4NG KT12 4NR KT12 4NS KT12 4NT KT12 4NU
KT12 4NX KT12 4NY KT12 4NZ KT12 4PD KT12 4PE
KT12 4PF KT12 4PH KT12 4PJ KT12 4PL KT12 4PN
KT12 4PP KT12 4PT KT12 4PW KT12 4PX KT12 4PZ
KT12 4QJ KT12 4QN KT12 4QP KT12 4QR KT12 4QS
KT12 4QT KT12 4QU KT12 4QW KT12 4QX KT12 4QY
KT12 4QZ KT12 4RA KT12 4RB KT12 4RD KT12 4RG
KT12 4RJ KT12 4RL KT12 4RN KT12 4RP KT12 4RQ
KT12 4RW KT12 4RX KT12 4SQ KT12 5AE KT12 5AF
KT12 5AJ KT12 5AN KT12 5AP KT12 5AR KT12 5AT