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Postcodes starting with the letter K

KT12 5AU KT12 5AW KT12 5AX KT12 5AY KT12 5AZ
KT12 5BA KT12 5BB KT12 5BF KT12 5BG KT12 5BJ
KT12 5BL KT12 5BN KT12 5BP KT12 5BS KT12 5BT
KT12 5BU KT12 5BX KT12 5BY KT12 5DB KT12 5DD
KT12 5DE KT12 5DF KT12 5DG KT12 5DJ KT12 5DL
KT12 5DN KT12 5DR KT12 5DS KT12 5DT KT12 5DW
KT12 5DX KT12 5DY KT12 5EA KT12 5EB KT12 5EF
KT12 5EP KT12 5ER KT12 5ES KT12 5ET KT12 5EU
KT12 5EW KT12 5EY KT12 5EZ KT12 5HA KT12 5HB
KT12 5HD KT12 5HE KT12 5HF KT12 5HG KT12 5HH
KT12 5HJ KT12 5HL KT12 5HN KT12 5HP KT12 5HQ
KT12 5HZ KT12 5JB KT12 5JD KT12 5JE KT12 5JF
KT12 5JG KT12 5JH KT12 5JQ KT12 5JS KT12 5JT
KT12 5JU KT12 5JX KT12 5JY KT12 5LB KT12 5LE
KT12 5LF KT12 5LG KT12 5LH KT12 5LJ KT12 5LL
KT12 5LN KT12 5LP KT12 5LQ KT12 5LU KT12 5LW
KT12 5NE KT12 5NF KT12 5NP KT12 5NR KT12 5NS
KT12 5NT KT12 5NU KT12 5NW KT12 5NX KT12 5NY
KT12 5NZ KT12 5PA KT12 5PB KT12 5PD KT12 5PE
KT12 5PF KT12 5PH KT12 5PL KT12 5PN KT12 5PP