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Postcodes starting with the letter M

ME16 0UJ ME16 0UN ME16 0UP ME16 0UQ ME16 0UR
ME16 0US ME16 0UT ME16 0UU ME16 0UW ME16 0UZ
ME16 0WA ME16 0WD ME16 0WG ME16 0WH ME16 0WJ
ME16 0WN ME16 0WP ME16 0WQ ME16 0WR ME16 0WS
ME16 0WT ME16 0XA ME16 0XD ME16 0XP ME16 0XR
ME16 0XT ME16 0YL ME16 0YN ME16 0YU ME16 0YW
ME16 0ZA ME16 0ZD ME16 0ZE ME16 0ZF ME16 0ZJ
ME16 0ZQ ME16 0ZX ME16 8AB ME16 8AD ME16 8AF
ME16 8AJ ME16 8AL ME16 8AN ME16 8AR ME16 8AS
ME16 8AT ME16 8AU ME16 8AX ME16 8AY ME16 8BA
ME16 8BB ME16 8BD ME16 8BE ME16 8BF ME16 8BG
ME16 8BH ME16 8BJ ME16 8BL ME16 8BN ME16 8BP
ME16 8BS ME16 8BT ME16 8BU ME16 8BW ME16 8BX
ME16 8BZ ME16 8DA ME16 8DB ME16 8DD ME16 8DH
ME16 8DJ ME16 8DL ME16 8DN ME16 8DP ME16 8DR
ME16 8DS ME16 8DT ME16 8DU ME16 8DX ME16 8DY
ME16 8EA ME16 8EB ME16 8ED ME16 8EG ME16 8EH
ME16 8EL ME16 8EN ME16 8ER ME16 8ES ME16 8ET
ME16 8EX ME16 8FB ME16 8FD ME16 8FE ME16 8FF
ME16 8FP ME16 8FR ME16 8FS ME16 8GB ME16 8GD