Postcodes Starting with the Letter O : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX16 1UP OX16 1UQ OX16 1UR OX16 1US OX16 1UT
OX16 1UU OX16 1UX OX16 1WE OX16 1WF OX16 1WG
OX16 1WH OX16 1WW OX16 1XA OX16 1XB OX16 1XD
OX16 1XE OX16 1XF OX16 1XG OX16 1XN OX16 1XP
OX16 1XQ OX16 1XR OX16 1XS OX16 1XW OX16 1XX
OX16 1YA OX16 1YB OX16 1YD OX16 1YE OX16 1YF
OX16 1YH OX16 1YJ OX16 1YL OX16 1YP OX16 1YR
OX16 1YT OX16 1YW OX16 2AB OX16 2AL OX16 2AN
OX16 2AP OX16 2AR OX16 2AT OX16 2AU OX16 2AZ
OX16 2BG OX16 2BH OX16 2BJ OX16 2BL OX16 2BN
OX16 2BQ OX16 2BS OX16 2BU OX16 2EH OX16 2EJ
OX16 2EL OX16 2EQ OX16 2LY OX16 2LZ OX16 2NB
OX16 2ND OX16 2NE OX16 2NF OX16 2NG OX16 2NH
OX16 2NJ OX16 2NL OX16 2NN OX16 2NP OX16 2NQ
OX16 2NS OX16 2NT OX16 2NU OX16 2NW OX16 2NX
OX16 2NY OX16 2PA OX16 2SX OX16 2SY OX16 2SZ
OX16 2TD OX16 2WD OX16 3HA OX16 3HB OX16 3HD
OX16 3HF OX16 3HG OX16 3HH OX16 3HJ OX16 3HL
OX16 3HN OX16 3HP OX16 3HQ OX16 3HR OX16 3HT
OX16 3HU OX16 3HW OX16 3HX OX16 3HZ OX16 3JA