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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX20 1XL OX20 1XN OX20 1XP OX20 1XQ OX20 1XR
OX20 1XS OX20 1YB OX20 1YE OX20 1YF OX20 1YJ
OX20 1YQ OX25 1AD OX25 1NY OX25 1NZ OX25 1PA
OX25 1PB OX25 1PD OX25 1PF OX25 1PG OX25 1PH
OX25 1PJ OX25 1PL OX25 1PQ OX25 1PU OX25 1PY
OX25 1QA OX25 1QD OX25 1QE OX25 1QH OX25 1QJ
OX25 1QL OX25 1QP OX25 1QT OX25 1QU OX25 1QW
OX25 1TA OX25 1TE OX25 1TF OX25 1TG OX25 1TJ
OX25 1TQ OX25 2AA OX25 2AD OX25 2AE OX25 2JS
OX25 2LA OX25 2LR OX25 2LT OX25 2LW OX25 2LX
OX25 2LY OX25 2LZ OX25 2NA OX25 2NF OX25 2NH
OX25 2NJ OX25 2NN OX25 2NQ OX25 2NW OX25 2PB
OX25 2PD OX25 2PE OX25 2PG OX25 2PL OX25 2PN
OX25 2PP OX25 2PR OX25 2PT OX25 2PU OX25 2PW
OX25 2PZ OX25 2RA OX25 2RD OX25 2RE OX25 2RF
OX25 2RJ OX25 2RN OX25 2RR OX25 2RS OX25 2RU
OX25 2RW OX25 2RX OX25 2RY OX25 2RZ OX25 2SA
OX25 2SD OX25 2SE OX25 2SG OX25 2SH OX25 2SJ
OX25 2SL OX25 3FH OX25 3FL OX25 3PD OX25 3QH
OX25 3QJ OX25 3QP OX25 3QQ OX25 3QX OX25 3RD