Postcodes Starting with the Letter O : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX11 9EF OX11 9EN OX11 9EP OX11 9EW OX11 9HP
OX11 9HX OX11 9HY OX11 9JA OX11 9JB OX11 9JD
OX11 9JE OX11 9JG OX11 9JH OX11 9JL OX11 9JR
OX11 9JS OX11 9JU OX11 9JX OX11 9JZ OX11 9LB
OX11 9LE OX11 9LF OX11 9LH OX11 9LJ OX11 9LL
OX11 9LN OX11 9LR OX11 9LS OX11 9LT OX11 9LU
OX11 9LX OX11 9LY OX11 9LZ OX11 9NE OX11 9NG
OX11 9NJ OX11 9NN OX11 9NQ OX11 9NR OX11 9NS
OX11 9NT OX11 9NU OX11 9NW OX11 9NX OX11 9NY
OX11 9PB OX11 9PD OX11 9PF OX11 9PG OX11 9PJ
OX11 9PL OX11 9PR OX11 9PT OX11 9PU OX11 9PX
OX11 9PY OX11 9QA OX11 9QB OX11 9QD OX11 9QE
OX11 9QF OX11 9QH OX11 9QL OX11 9RA OX11 9RB
OX11 9RD OX11 9RE OX11 9RF OX11 9RG OX11 9RH
OX11 9RJ OX11 9RL OX11 9RN OX11 9RQ OX11 9RW
OX11 9TA OX11 9UT OX11 9UU OX11 9UX OX11 9UY
OX11 9UZ OX12 0AF OX12 0AG OX12 0AJ OX12 0AP
OX12 0AQ OX12 0AR OX12 0AS OX12 0AT OX12 0AY
OX12 0BA OX12 0BD OX12 0BJ OX12 0BL OX12 0BN
OX12 0BP OX12 0BS OX12 0BT OX12 0BW OX12 0BX