Postcodes Starting with the Letter O : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX12 7AR OX12 7AT OX12 7BB OX12 7BG OX12 7BH
OX12 7BJ OX12 7BL OX12 7BU OX12 7BW OX12 7BX
OX12 7BY OX12 7DB OX12 7DD OX12 7DE OX12 7DF
OX12 7DG OX12 7DH OX12 7DJ OX12 7DL OX12 7DN
OX12 7DP OX12 7DQ OX12 7DT OX12 7DW OX12 7DX
OX12 7DY OX12 7DZ OX12 7EA OX12 7ED OX12 7EE
OX12 7EF OX12 7EG OX12 7EH OX12 7EJ OX12 7EN
OX12 7EP OX12 7EQ OX12 7ER OX12 7EW OX12 7HA
OX12 7HB OX12 7HE OX12 7HG OX12 7HH OX12 7HJ
OX12 7HN OX12 7HP OX12 7HQ OX12 7HX OX12 7HY
OX12 7HZ OX12 7JA OX12 7JD OX12 7JE OX12 7JG
OX12 7JL OX12 7JN OX12 7JP OX12 7JR OX12 7JT
OX12 7JW OX12 7JX OX12 7JY OX12 7LE OX12 7LF
OX12 7LG OX12 7LH OX12 7LL OX12 7LQ OX12 7LU
OX12 7LX OX12 7LY OX12 7LZ OX12 7NA OX12 7NB
OX12 7ND OX12 7NE OX12 7NG OX12 7NL OX12 7NN
OX12 7NP OX12 7NQ OX12 7NS OX12 7NW OX12 7PA
OX12 7PE OX12 7PF OX12 7PH OX12 7PJ OX12 7PL
OX12 7PN OX12 7PP OX12 7PQ OX12 7PS OX12 7PT
OX12 7PU OX12 7PX OX12 7PY OX12 7PZ OX12 8AB