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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX12 9BD OX12 9BH OX12 9BQ OX12 9BT OX12 9BU
OX12 9BW OX12 9DA OX12 9DD OX12 9DE OX12 9DR
OX12 9DS OX12 9DX OX12 9EA OX12 9EB OX12 9ED
OX12 9EF OX12 9EH OX12 9EJ OX12 9EL OX12 9EN
OX12 9EP OX12 9EQ OX12 9ER OX12 9EU OX12 9EW
OX12 9EX OX12 9EY OX12 9FB OX12 9FD OX12 9FG
OX12 9FJ OX12 9FZ OX12 9GG OX12 9GQ OX12 9GR
OX12 9GS OX12 9GT OX12 9GU OX12 9GW OX12 9GX
OX12 9GY OX12 9GZ OX12 9HB OX12 9HD OX12 9HG
OX12 9HH OX12 9HJ OX12 9HN OX12 9HP OX12 9HQ
OX12 9HR OX12 9HS OX12 9HT OX12 9HU OX12 9HW
OX12 9HX OX12 9HY OX12 9JA OX12 9JD OX12 9JE
OX12 9JF OX12 9JG OX12 9JH OX12 9JJ OX12 9JN
OX12 9JP OX12 9JQ OX12 9JS OX12 9JT OX12 9JW
OX12 9JY OX12 9JZ OX12 9LA OX12 9LD OX12 9LE
OX12 9LJ OX12 9LP OX12 9LR OX12 9LS OX12 9NF
OX12 9NJ OX12 9NP OX12 9NQ OX12 9NR OX12 9NS
OX12 9NT OX12 9NZ OX12 9PL OX12 9PP OX12 9PR
OX12 9PS OX12 9PW OX12 9PX OX12 9PY OX12 9PZ
OX12 9QB OX12 9QH OX12 9QJ OX12 9QL OX12 9QN