Postcodes Starting with the Letter O : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter O

OX16 0LR OX16 0LU OX16 0LW OX16 0NA OX16 0ND
OX16 0NE OX16 0NH OX16 0NJ OX16 0NL OX16 0NN
OX16 0NP OX16 0NQ OX16 0NR OX16 0NS OX16 0NU
OX16 0NW OX16 0NX OX16 0NY OX16 0NZ OX16 0PA
OX16 0PG OX16 0PJ OX16 0PL OX16 0PN OX16 0QA
OX16 0QB OX16 0QJ OX16 0QL OX16 0QN OX16 0QP
OX16 0QR OX16 0QW OX16 0QX OX16 0RD OX16 0RE
OX16 0RF OX16 0RG OX16 0RJ OX16 0RL OX16 0RN
OX16 0RQ OX16 0RR OX16 0RS OX16 0RT OX16 0RU
OX16 0RW OX16 0RZ OX16 0SA OX16 0SB OX16 0SD
OX16 0SE OX16 0SG OX16 0SH OX16 0SJ OX16 0SL
OX16 0SN OX16 0SP OX16 0SQ OX16 0SR OX16 0SW
OX16 0SY OX16 0SZ OX16 0TF OX16 0TP OX16 0TR
OX16 0TU OX16 0TW OX16 0UA OX16 0UB OX16 0UE
OX16 0UG OX16 0UH OX16 0UT OX16 0UX OX16 0UY
OX16 0XE OX16 0XF OX16 0XX OX16 1AA OX16 1AB
OX16 1AD OX16 1AE OX16 1AG OX16 1AH OX16 1AJ
OX16 1AL OX16 1AN OX16 1AQ OX16 1AS OX16 1AT
OX16 1AU OX16 1AW OX16 1AY OX16 1AZ OX16 1BD
OX16 1BG OX16 1BJ OX16 1BL OX16 1BN OX16 1BP