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Postcodes starting with the letter R

RM12 4YF RM12 4YH RM12 4YJ RM12 4YL RM12 4YN
RM12 4YQ RM12 4YR RM12 4YS RM12 4YW RM12 5AG
RM12 5AJ RM12 5AP RM12 5AQ RM12 5AR RM12 5AW
RM12 5BA RM12 5BB RM12 5BE RM12 5BG RM12 5BH
RM12 5BJ RM12 5BL RM12 5BP RM12 5BQ RM12 5BS
RM12 5BT RM12 5DJ RM12 5DL RM12 5DP RM12 5DR
RM12 5DT RM12 5DU RM12 5DX RM12 5EA RM12 5EB
RM12 5ED RM12 5EH RM12 5EL RM12 5EP RM12 5ER
RM12 5ES RM12 5ET RM12 5EU RM12 5EY RM12 5EZ
RM12 5HA RM12 5HE RM12 5HF RM12 5HH RM12 5HJ
RM12 5HP RM12 5HS RM12 5HT RM12 5HU RM12 5HX
RM12 5JB RM12 5JH RM12 5JJ RM12 5JR RM12 5JT
RM12 5JU RM12 5LA RM12 5LB RM12 5LD RM12 5LH
RM12 5LJ RM12 5LL RM12 5LP RM12 5LR RM12 5LS
RM12 5LT RM12 5LU RM12 5LW RM12 5LX RM12 5NA
RM12 5NB RM12 5NH RM12 5NJ RM12 5NS RM12 5NT
RM12 5NX RM12 5PA RM12 5PB RM12 5PD RM12 5PE
RM12 5PH RM12 5PJ RM12 5PL RM12 5PP RM12 5PR
RM12 5PS RM12 5PT RM12 5PU RM12 5PX RM12 5QA
RM12 5QD RM12 5QH RM12 5QJ RM12 5QL RM12 5QR