Postcodes Starting with the Letter Y : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO12 7HU YO12 7HW YO12 7HY YO12 7HZ YO12 7JA
YO12 7JD YO12 7JH YO12 7JP YO12 7JR YO12 7JU
YO12 7JX YO12 7JY YO12 7JZ YO12 7LA YO12 7LD
YO12 7LE YO12 7LF YO12 7LH YO12 7LJ YO12 7LL
YO12 7LN YO12 7LP YO12 7LQ YO12 7LR YO12 7LW
YO12 7NA YO12 7NB YO12 7ND YO12 7NF YO12 7NG
YO12 7NH YO12 7NJ YO12 7NL YO12 7NN YO12 7NP
YO12 7NQ YO12 7NR YO12 7NS YO12 7NW YO12 7PD
YO12 7PE YO12 7PH YO12 7PJ YO12 7PR YO12 7PS
YO12 7PT YO12 7PW YO12 7PX YO12 7PY YO12 7PZ
YO12 7QD YO12 7QF YO12 7QG YO12 7QP YO12 7QR
YO12 7QS YO12 7QT YO12 7QU YO12 7QX YO12 7QY
YO12 7QZ YO12 7RA YO12 7RB YO12 7RD YO12 7RE
YO12 7RF YO12 7RN YO12 7RP YO12 7RR YO12 7RS
YO12 7RT YO12 7RU YO12 7RW YO12 7RX YO12 7RY
YO12 7RZ YO12 7SA YO12 7SB YO12 7SH YO12 7SN
YO12 7SR YO12 7SS YO12 7ST YO12 7SX YO12 7SY
YO12 7SZ YO12 7TA YO12 7TH YO12 7TN YO12 7TR
YO12 7TS YO13 0AB YO13 0AD YO13 0AE YO13 0AJ
YO13 0AL YO13 0AN YO13 0AP YO13 0AR YO13 0AU