Postcodes Starting with the Letter Y : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO13 0SN YO13 0SP YO13 0SQ YO13 0SR YO13 0SS
YO13 0ST YO13 0SU YO13 0SW YO13 0TA YO13 9AB
YO13 9AE YO13 9AF YO13 9AH YO13 9AJ YO13 9AL
YO13 9AN YO13 9AP YO13 9AQ YO13 9AR YO13 9AU
YO13 9AX YO13 9BL YO13 9BQ YO13 9DA YO13 9DE
YO13 9DG YO13 9DH YO13 9DJ YO13 9DL YO13 9DN
YO13 9DP YO13 9DR YO13 9DT YO13 9DW YO13 9DY
YO13 9EA YO13 9EJ YO13 9EL YO13 9EP YO13 9ER
YO13 9ES YO13 9ET YO13 9EW YO13 9EX YO13 9EY
YO13 9EZ YO13 9HA YO13 9HB YO13 9HH YO13 9HJ
YO13 9HL YO13 9HN YO13 9HP YO13 9HT YO13 9HU
YO13 9HW YO13 9HY YO13 9HZ YO13 9JA YO13 9JE
YO13 9JG YO13 9JH YO13 9JJ YO13 9JL YO13 9JN
YO13 9JP YO13 9JQ YO13 9JS YO13 9JW YO13 9JY
YO13 9LE YO13 9LF YO13 9LH YO13 9LL YO13 9LN
YO13 9LP YO13 9LT YO13 9LW YO13 9NB YO13 9NF
YO13 9NG YO13 9NL YO13 9NP YO13 9NR YO13 9NS
YO13 9NZ YO13 9PA YO13 9PB YO13 9PL YO13 9PS
YO13 9PW YO13 9PY YO13 9QH YO13 9QQ YO14 0AD
YO14 0AE YO14 0AF YO14 0AH YO14 0AJ YO14 0AL