Postcodes Starting with the Letter Y : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO16 6ED YO16 6ER YO16 6ES YO16 6ET YO16 6EU
YO16 6EX YO16 6EY YO16 6EZ YO16 6FA YO16 6FB
YO16 6FD YO16 6FF YO16 6FG YO16 6FH YO16 6FJ
YO16 6FL YO16 6FN YO16 6FR YO16 6FS YO16 6FX
YO16 6FZ YO16 6GA YO16 6GB YO16 6GD YO16 6GE
YO16 6GF YO16 6GG YO16 6GJ YO16 6GL YO16 6GN
YO16 6GQ YO16 6GR YO16 6GS YO16 6GT YO16 6GU
YO16 6GW YO16 6GX YO16 6GY YO16 6GZ YO16 6HA
YO16 6HB YO16 6HE YO16 6HH YO16 6HJ YO16 6HN
YO16 6HP YO16 6HQ YO16 6HR YO16 6HU YO16 6HX
YO16 6HY YO16 6HZ YO16 6JA YO16 6JJ YO16 6QT
YO16 6QU YO16 6QX YO16 6QY YO16 6QZ YO16 6RA
YO16 6RB YO16 6RD YO16 6RE YO16 6RF YO16 6RG
YO16 6RH YO16 6RJ YO16 6RN YO16 6RP YO16 6RQ
YO16 6RR YO16 6RS YO16 6RT YO16 6RU YO16 6RW
YO16 6RX YO16 6RZ YO16 6TA YO16 6TB YO16 6TD
YO16 6TE YO16 6TF YO16 6TH YO16 6TJ YO16 6TL
YO16 6TN YO16 6TP YO16 6TQ YO16 6TS YO16 6TT
YO16 6TU YO16 6TW YO16 6TY YO16 6TZ YO16 6UA
YO16 6UB YO16 6UD YO16 6UE YO16 6UF YO16 6UG