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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO16 7HG YO16 7HH YO16 7HL YO16 7HN YO16 7HP
YO16 7HQ YO16 7HR YO16 7HS YO16 7HT YO16 7HU
YO16 7HW YO16 7HX YO16 7JB YO16 7JD YO16 7JE
YO16 7JF YO16 7JG YO16 7JH YO16 7JQ YO16 7JS
YO16 7JU YO16 7JX YO16 7JZ YO16 7LA YO16 7LB
YO16 7LD YO16 7LE YO16 7LF YO16 7LG YO16 7LH
YO16 7LJ YO16 7LL YO16 7LP YO16 7LQ YO16 7LS
YO16 7LT YO16 7LW YO16 7LX YO16 7ND YO16 7NE
YO16 7NG YO16 7NH YO16 7NJ YO16 7NN YO16 7NQ
YO16 7NR YO16 7NU YO16 7NY YO16 7PA YO16 7PB
YO16 7PJ YO16 7PL YO16 7PN YO16 7PQ YO16 7PR
YO16 7PS YO16 7PU YO16 7PY YO16 7PZ YO16 7QB
YO16 7QD YO16 7QE YO16 7QF YO16 7QG YO16 7QJ
YO16 7QL YO16 7QN YO16 7QP YO16 7QQ YO16 7QS
YO16 7RW YO16 7RY YO16 7SA YO16 7SB YO16 7SD
YO16 7SE YO16 7SG YO16 7SH YO16 7SJ YO16 7SL
YO16 7SN YO16 7SP YO16 7SQ YO16 7SR YO16 7SS
YO16 7SU YO16 7SW YO16 7SY YO16 7YY YO17 0PL
YO17 6AU YO17 6AX YO17 6NJ YO17 6PG YO17 6PJ
YO17 6PL YO17 6PQ YO17 6PS YO17 6PW YO17 6PY