Postcodes Starting with the Letter Y : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO19 5NE YO19 5NG YO19 5NL YO19 5NN YO19 5NP
YO19 5NQ YO19 5NR YO19 5NS YO19 5NT YO19 5NX
YO19 5PB YO19 5PF YO19 5PG YO19 5PH YO19 5PL
YO19 5PN YO19 5PP YO19 5PQ YO19 5PR YO19 5PS
YO19 5PT YO19 5PU YO19 5PW YO19 5PX YO19 5PY
YO19 5PZ YO19 5QB YO19 5QD YO19 5QE YO19 5QF
YO19 5QH YO19 5QL YO19 5QR YO19 5QS YO19 5QW
YO19 5QY YO19 5RB YO19 5RD YO19 5RE YO19 5RF
YO19 5RG YO19 5RH YO19 5RJ YO19 5RL YO19 5RP
YO19 5RQ YO19 5RW YO19 5RX YO19 5SB YO19 5SD
YO19 5SH YO19 5SJ YO19 5SL YO19 5ST YO19 5UA
YO19 5UD YO19 5UE YO19 5UG YO19 5UH YO19 5UJ
YO19 5UL YO19 5UN YO19 5UQ YO19 5UW YO19 5XJ
YO19 5XL YO19 5XQ YO19 5XR YO19 5XS YO19 5XW
YO19 6AA YO19 6AB YO19 6AD YO19 6AE YO19 6AF
YO19 6AG YO19 6AH YO19 6AJ YO19 6AL YO19 6AN
YO19 6AP YO19 6AR YO19 6AS YO19 6AT YO19 6AU
YO19 6AW YO19 6AX YO19 6AY YO19 6AZ YO19 6BA
YO19 6BB YO19 6BE YO19 6BF YO19 6BG YO19 6BH
YO19 6BL YO19 6BP YO19 6BR YO19 6BS YO19 6BT