Postcodes Starting with the Letter Y : UK House Prices

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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO22 4DY YO22 4DZ YO22 4EA YO22 4EB YO22 4ED
YO22 4EE YO22 4EF YO22 4EH YO22 4EJ YO22 4EL
YO22 4EP YO22 4EU YO22 4EW YO22 4EY YO22 4EZ
YO22 4FA YO22 4FB YO22 4FD YO22 4FE YO22 4FF
YO22 4FG YO22 4FH YO22 4FJ YO22 4FN YO22 4HJ
YO22 4HL YO22 4HN YO22 4HP YO22 4HR YO22 4HT
YO22 4HU YO22 4HW YO22 4HX YO22 4HY YO22 4HZ
YO22 4JB YO22 4JD YO22 4JE YO22 4JF YO22 4JG
YO22 4JH YO22 4JJ YO22 4JL YO22 4JQ YO22 4JU
YO22 4JW YO22 4LB YO22 4LD YO22 4LG YO22 4LH
YO22 4LJ YO22 4LQ YO22 4LS YO22 4LT YO22 4LU
YO22 4LY YO22 4LZ YO22 4NA YO22 4ND YO22 4NE
YO22 4NR YO22 4NS YO22 4NT YO22 4NU YO22 4NX
YO22 4NY YO22 4NZ YO22 4PB YO22 4PD YO22 4PN
YO22 4PR YO22 4QG YO22 4QH YO22 4QN YO22 4RB
YO22 4RE YO22 4RF YO22 4RH YO22 4RJ YO22 4RL
YO22 4RN YO22 4RP YO22 4RQ YO22 4RR YO22 4RS
YO22 4RT YO22 4RW YO22 4RX YO22 4SA YO22 4SB
YO22 4SF YO22 4SH YO22 4SL YO22 4SN YO22 4SP
YO22 4SQ YO22 4SR YO22 4SS YO22 4ST YO22 4SU