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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO41 5SH YO42 1NN YO42 1NT YO42 1NW YO42 1PB
YO42 1PH YO42 1PJ YO42 1PL YO42 1PR YO42 1QT
YO42 1QU YO42 1QY YO42 1RG YO42 1RH YO42 1RJ
YO42 1RL YO42 1RP YO42 1RR YO42 1RS YO42 1RU
YO42 1RX YO42 1RY YO42 1SE YO42 1SH YO42 1SP
YO42 1SR YO42 1SS YO42 1ST YO42 1SW YO42 1TF
YO42 1TG YO42 1TH YO42 1TQ YO42 1TR YO42 1TS
YO42 1TX YO42 1UB YO42 1UF YO42 1UG YO42 1UJ
YO42 1XD YO42 1XJ YO42 1YA YO42 1YB YO42 1YF
YO42 1YH YO42 1YJ YO42 1YQ YO42 1YR YO42 1YS
YO42 2AD YO42 2AW YO42 2AY YO42 2BA YO42 2BD
YO42 2BE YO42 2BF YO42 2BH YO42 2BJ YO42 2BL
YO42 2BN YO42 2BQ YO42 2BT YO42 2BU YO42 2BX
YO42 2BY YO42 2BZ YO42 2DA YO42 2DB YO42 2DD
YO42 2DE YO42 2DF YO42 2DG YO42 2DH YO42 2DJ
YO42 2DL YO42 2DP YO42 2DQ YO42 2DR YO42 2DT
YO42 2DW YO42 2DY YO42 2DZ YO42 2EB YO42 2EE
YO42 2EF YO42 2EG YO42 2EH YO42 2EJ YO42 2EL
YO42 2EP YO42 2EQ YO42 2ER YO42 2ES YO42 2ET
YO42 2EU YO42 2EW YO42 2EX YO42 2EY YO42 2EZ