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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO61 1JS YO61 1JU YO61 1JW YO61 1JX YO61 1JZ
YO61 1LA YO61 1LD YO61 1LF YO61 1LG YO61 1LH
YO61 1LL YO61 1LN YO61 1LP YO61 1LR YO61 1LY
YO61 1ND YO61 1NG YO61 1NR YO61 1NW YO61 1NY
YO61 1PR YO61 1PS YO61 1PU YO61 1PX YO61 1PY
YO61 1PZ YO61 1QA YO61 1QD YO61 1QE YO61 1QF
YO61 1QG YO61 1QL YO61 1QP YO61 1QQ YO61 1QR
YO61 1QS YO61 1QT YO61 1QU YO61 1QW YO61 1QX
YO61 1QY YO61 1QZ YO61 1RA YO61 1RB YO61 1RD
YO61 1RE YO61 1RF YO61 1RH YO61 1RJ YO61 1RL
YO61 1RN YO61 1RP YO61 1RR YO61 1RS YO61 1RT
YO61 1RU YO61 1RW YO61 1RX YO61 1RY YO61 1SB
YO61 1SF YO61 1SG YO61 1SL YO61 1SN YO61 1SX
YO61 1TA YO61 1TB YO61 1TD YO61 1TE YO61 1TF
YO61 1TH YO61 1TP YO61 1TQ YO61 1TR YO61 1TS
YO61 1TT YO61 1UB YO61 1UD YO61 1UF YO61 1YB
YO61 1YD YO61 1YE YO61 1YF YO61 2NH YO61 2NP
YO61 2NS YO61 2NT YO61 2NU YO61 2NX YO61 2NY
YO61 2NZ YO61 2PF YO61 2PG YO61 2PJ YO61 2PL
YO61 2PS YO61 2PW YO61 2PY YO61 2QA YO61 2QF